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Feluda - Baksho Rohoshyo (1996)

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Updated : Last update at Saturday 20th June 2015
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Description For Feluda - Baksho Rohoshyo (1996)

Baksho Rahashya Bengali বাক্স রহস্য 1996 in TV 2001 as film DVD is a Bengali mystery adventure thriller Television film directed by Sandip Ray based on the Feluda novel of the same name by Satyajit Ray It was the first Telefilm made for Feluda TV film series based on Feluda mysteries which aired on DD Bangla Later it was released in Nandan Complex and DVD VCD has been also been released in 2001 It is the third Feluda feature film of Feluda Original Film Series after Satyajit Rays Joy Baba Felunath 1978 and the first telefilm of Feluda under the package Feluda 30 1996 1998 Directed by Sandip Ray Feluda is an Iconic detective hero of Bengali literature written by Satyajit Ray
Watch and Download Feluda - Baksho Rohoshyo (1996) HD MP4 video and High bitrate MP3 audio. Published by Nirzhar Hussain. This video publish on Film & Animation Category. This Duration is 1:37:38 munite. Last Update Saturday 20th June 2015. Total view 784010 jon. Total likes 3556 jon. Dislike 235 jon.